ESAT 2021- 31st European Symposium on Applied Thermodynamics

France - 100% virtual - 5-9 July 2021

Special session for the Energy Section of EFCE 


The energy transition and the mitigation of the CO2 emissions are key challenges for the chemical engineering community. On the one hand, energy is the main driver of the chemical industry and on the other hand, chemical engineering is a key discipline for the supply of energy services. These include the energy conversion, the CO2 capture and reuse and the integration of renewable energy sources. The EFCE Energy Section concerns the key contributors of chemical engineering in the energy sector and the key aspects of energy for chemical engineering. 

Obviously, thermodynamics has an important place in the energy nexus. During the ESAT conference we propose to explore the possibilities offered by non-equilibrium thermodynamic principles to improve energy efficiency of process units and mitigate CO2 emissions. A specific entry for papers on this topic will be provided.