ESAT 2020 - 31st European Symposium on Applied Thermodynamics

Paris, France - 25-28 October 2020

Practical info. for exhibitors or Sponsors 

stand  Your booth

It is not a booth with 3 walls but a dedicated space +/-2,50m2  with 1 table + 2 chairs, 1 exhibition roller board* (2,25m X 1,00m), electric power, wifi access in the room welcome posters session, coffee breaks, lunches, cocktails

(*) model

Without exceeding a scale of 2m/2,50m max, you can set up ours kakemonos, posters, pop up display, etc.

You have a free admission to conferences and social program for 1 person (excluding accommodation). To benefit from this invitation please specify category “exhibitor" on the registration form on-line

  Delivery management
Access by rue du colonel Gillon (face to Nr 28) 92120 Montrouge (France)
Contact : 0611960423

Friday 23 October and Saturday 24 October - From 9.00 to 18.00

Please, indicate on all packages
-      ESAT 2020 (25-28 October)
-      Name of your Company
-      Name and phone number of the contact on site