ESAT 2021- 31st European Symposium on Applied Thermodynamics

France - 100% virtual - 5-9 July 2021

Information for Exhibitors 


ExhibitorRoomA room with the name of your company is allocated to you for all the duration of the symposium, as shown above
This room is identified by the banner above the door, however we recommend you send us a 1 page A4 portrait (a kind of kakemono, poster), we will post it at the entrance of your room.
The jpeg or png file (1500px max) must be sent to before 25 June.

Inside the room, 2 screens allow you to upload :
- A powerpoint or pdf presentation without any link, any animation or encapsulated videos
- Landscape format
- The file size is limited to 15 MB
- pictures in the powerpoint must not exceed 1500x1500px
- If your presentation still exceed 15Mo, it’s recommended to save it on a "Google Slide" format

- These screens allow you to browse on the web and share your screen or camera.
If you wish to share your screen (e.g. for a demonstration), it could be more comfortable to have 2 screens at your disposal, one for your sharing and one  to visually stay in touch with your virtual audience.

- Your presentation can be downloaded very easily and rapidly on the screen with a single click from your laptop.

More explanations on how to use the screens of the Green Center in this document

The organisation team will be at your disposal to distribute information messages to all the participants present in the Green Centre on your behalf.

You may access to your room to download your elements from Thursday 1st July.

Laval Virtual technical assistance as well as the organisation staff will be available from this date for any difficulty you may have.


Remember that you first have to register online to gain access to the Green Center.

Click on the category "Exhibitors" to get your invitation included in your pack.