ESAT 2021- 31st European Symposium on Applied Thermodynamics

France - 100% virtual - 5-9 July 2021

Instructions for poster authors 



The poster sessions will be held in a virtual place that looks as follows

Due to the number of posters, 4 poster sessions will be held, 1 poster session per day conference (except on Monday)

-  Each author will be assigned a dedicated screen during their poster session. An identification board will be posted at the entrance of the room and on the dedicated and securated extranet page for all participants.

-  During the time assigned for the poster session, you are invited to stand next to your poster to answer the questions of the visitors

The poster are visible on screens only when the avatars come inside the blue zone surrounding each position. Stay yourself in this blue zones for speaking with visitors.

-   All the poster files (pdf)  will be available online on a dedicated and securated extranet page for all participants, at any time during the event. All the pdf will be deleted on Monday 12 July morning.

       téléchargement (1)           If you do not want your poster to be available on this page,
           please let us know by mail to


The format of the poster are to be scrupulously respected  
The virtual ESAT format implies a specific poster format that we ask you to apply according to the following criteria:

  • A powerpoint or pdf presentation of 5 to 6 slides, without any link, animation or encapsulated video - Landscape format
  • The file size is limited to 15 MB
  • pictures in the powerpoint must not exceed 1500x1500px
  • If your presentation still exceeds 15MB, it’s recommended to save your presentation on a "Google Slide" format

Your dedicated screen allows you to browse on the web and share your screen or camera if needed.

Tip: If you wish to share your screen (e.g. for a demo), it could be more confortable to have 2: one for your sharing and one to visually stay in touch with your virtual audience.

Remember that a poster is a way to communicate scientific information in a synthetic and stand-alone format. It must be understandable and readable even in your absence.


       téléchargement (1)          The file pdf of your poster must be sent to
                            at the latest on 18 June
identified as follows:poster submission number_nameauthor.pdf                                


Preview room       Warning: Updated on 21 June
At your arrival in the Green Center, please test the upload of your presentation in the dedicated Preview rooms (access via the "go to" menu on the top left of your laptop screen).

Once your test successful, copy and keep the created URL link. Then you will just have to paste it in the bowser of your dedecated screen of the Main Hall, the day of your session.

Preview rooms will be available for all the duration of the symposium.
More explanations on how to use the screens of the Green Center, and manage your avatar, in this document.

Laval Virtual technical assistance as well as ESAT organization staff will be available for any questions.

Green Center opening
We remind you that the Green Center is open from Thursday 1st July. We strongly invite you to come  during these 2 free days before the congress to discover the space.


Remember that you first have to register online
to gain access to the Green Center.

All authors are invited to publish their paper in the two partner journals of our event:

In the special issue of Fluid Phase Equilibria, a journal from Elsevier publishing quality peer reviewed research in applied thermodynamics.
Submit on:
- Deadline: 30 September 2021
Enter your user name and password (first-time users will need to register)
Select Article Type Name as “VSI: ESAT-2021” during submission process
Follow the step-by-step instructions to submitting your paper
Guide for Author of this journal when preparing your manuscript

In Entropy, a journal from MDPI publishing research related to energy efficiency.
Submit on:
Deadline: 30 November 2021